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CIMA Masterclasses 2019

CIMA - Central International Music Academy Festival 2019
August 5th -12th 2019

The Masterclass:


The Masterclass offers coaching by internationally renowned artists and will take place between 5th and 9th of August at the premises of the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna and other Viennese music institutions. Each participant of the masterclass will receive 4 individual lessons with a teacher of choice.* The CIMA International Music Competition 2019 follows the masterclass from August 10th to 12th. Participants of the masterclass are encouraged to apply for the competition without extra costs.

Participants of the masterclasses will have the chance to perform in a talent showcase concert on August 9th at the University of Music and performing Arts in Vienna.

Additionally, the Festival offers the following workshops for the participants without any extra cost:


- "About the “correct” performance of 17th and 18th century music", Workshop by Univ.Prof. Dr. Glüxam

- "String Instrument Care" by the Viennese Luthier Martin Koch

- "Thomastik Infeld Workshop" by Attila Pasztor

- "Piano Maintenance and Care" by Bösendorfer Vienna at the Stadtsalon, Wiener Musikverein


- "Musical Medicine": Therapy for musician

Masterclass Summary:

・Application deadline: July 15th 2019

・August 5th -9th (first lessons on August 5th, optional CIMA Competition August 10th - 12th)

・Venue: University of Music and performing Arts Vienna and other music institutions in Vienna

・Internationally renowned tutors

・Each participant will receive 4 individual lessons from a teacher of their choice.* 
      *Students of Univ.Prof. Dr. Glüxam will receive one day of musical theory coaching and min. 2 individual lessons.

・Participation at final student concerts at the University of Music and performing Arts Vienna




  • Completed registration form (available here)

  • Send the application Email (including registration form, passport copy, photo) to: 

  • The application fee is € 100,- (non-refundable). Bank details and instructions will be provided per Email after the application has been submitted.

  • The course fee of € 550,- has to be transferred by the application deadline, July 15th 2019. Please bring a proof of payment to Vienna.

・Optional for all instrumentalists: Two private lessons with Univ.Prof. Dr. Glüxam: € 150,-

・Scholarships for financially disadvantaged participants are available

​​For Citizens of Taiwan - territory executive cooperation partner: Nan-I Group (TYX Tech.) please contact our Taiwan team for communication in native language: Tel. +886976020265 facebook:



CIMA is unable to offer full scholarships, providing any financial help is severely restricted. However, those facing serious financial difficulties should send a personal statement with their application to The number of bursaries available are limited and are by no means guaranteed. Students therefore need to be prepared to look for sponsorship elsewhere if necessary. 

Additional information:

・CIMA does not carry responsibility for the housing, travel, insurance, lodging of the masterclass and competition participants and will not be held liable for any damage.

・CIMA assumes no responsibility for applicants personal belongings or instruments

・by submitting the registration form the applicant authorizes CIMA to photograph and make audio-video recordings at all events, particularly concerts within the period of the festival and use the aforementioned recordings and photographs for publicity, non-commercial and commercial use. No claims for reimbursement for applicants may arise from this.

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