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CIMA Online Courses


CIMA Online Courses


The online courses offer digital coaching by internationally renowned artists and will be held on one of the following platforms:


-) Skype

-) Wechat

-) Zoom

-) WhatsApp

Online courses summary:

・Application deadline: none

・Duration time: 4 months (16 units). After this period a new application has to be made.

・Lesson time and date to be organised individually with the tutor

・Venue: Only digital lessons via Skype/Wechat/Zoom/WhatsApp

・Internationally renowned tutors

・Each participant will receive a digital CIMA diploma after each 4 months of training.


The course can be ended by the participant or the CIMA Professor at every desired moment. There is no minimum or maximum studying time. Monthly payment needs to be transferd upfront to the CIMA Professor.


・Completed registration form (available here)

・Application fee € 50,- (non-refundable) to be transferred together with the application

・Tuition fee of € 200,-/month to be transfered directly to the tutor. The lessons start individually after payment has been            received by the Professor. One-time payment for a duration time of 4 months is possible and to be organised directly with      the CIMA Professor. The CIMA Professor will issue an official invoice for tax purposes.

・Registration form, passport copy and one photo have to be sent per email to

Additional information:

・CIMA does not carry responsibility for the technical aspect of the online courses. A stable internet connection is required.

・CIMA assumes no responsibility for applicants personal belongings or instruments

・If the participant cancels a lesson less than 24 hours before the designated time the lessons counts as given.

・If the CIMA Professor cancels a lesson the participant will receive an alternative time and date for compensation.

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